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Domain Registration

Your domain is the starting point of your internet presence. It’s the building point, and can be the easiest part of the job. While selecting a domain name, please be careful with

    *  the spelling
    *  it should be carefully selected to reflect your business accurately
    *  keywords should be included for SEO purposes
    *  length of the domain name should not be more than required

If you cannot get a .com domain name that you want, you can select from a variety of extensions based on your target audience. Some of the extensions available are as below:

General American European Asian
.COM .co .eu
.CO .ed .in
.INFO .es .asia
.NET .ws
.ORG .us .fm
.ME .ca
.MOBI .mx .it
.US .fr
.BIZ .ag .nl
.CA .am
.TV .at .jp
.WS .be .nu
.ASIA .bz
  .gs   .tv
  .ms   .tk
  .tc   .tw

We also offer:
  1. Private domain registration
  2. Domain transfer
  3. Internationalized domain names
  4. Domain backorder
For a personalized suggestion of the domain name, please email

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