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I Really appreciate all the great work Sandip, Deepak and all the other great professionals at Wiantech did on my project.
The photo database was a difficult project with lots of complex....more

Logo Designing

A picture speaks a thousand words. Your logo is the official representation of your company. When you design the logo, it has to be very modern in its outlook and should convey a message, while the logo should be memorable.

When you design the logos, you have to keep in mind, that –

  1. The logo design is distinct and memorable
  2. The logo should work in black and white, fax, copies, etc. without loosing its features
  3. Logo should not loose its detail when its made larger or smaller
Logo designing requires us to be very careful in the selection of colors, font and style. It’s the first step towards building your corporate identity!

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Mr Junction - The Marketing And Research  Company

Mr Junction - The Marketing And Research Company