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We, at Wiantech, endeavor to follow CMMI conventions to be able to compete with any global organization. We have formalized requirements gathering and analysis. This is followed by selection of the process model i.e. waterfall vs. spiral. Once designing and coding is completed, it passes through stringent QA. We have our coding standards which are available to any client.

Wiantech lives and thrives on design. If design is not aesthetically pleasing, users will not come back. If design is boring, users will not come back. If design is not functional, users will not come back. If web design is not user friendly, users will not come back. Our websites are not about altering one of the pre-produced mock ups. Wiantech is fresh, hip, and buzzworthy and so are the people who are a part of our elite designing team.

For design projects, we provide unique sample designs for clients selection. The selected design is then iterated to produce the final version. All our designs are unique and created as per individual requirements .