Graphical User Interface

Graphical User Interface

The most important thing to any product is its visual communication. The way the color, styles, symbols, status and dynamic graphics are laid out to convey the concept and the message of the page. Displaying complex information in a systematic graphic design is one of the key things to keep in mind. While doing this a strong balance of text vs. images vs. animation has to be maintained, again not forgetting the information that has to be conveyed. The things to keep in mind are:

  • Visual identity: That’s what should be the ultimate goal, overall consistency and how its displayed in the visual language.
  • Color and Texture: Color and texture needs to be easy on the eyes and go in hand with the theme of what your trying to convey. Web 2.0 has amazing guidelines to explain this in a scientific way.
  • Imagery: Signs, icons and symbols, again has to go with your theme. Look at the latest web 2.0 examples for best results.
  • Layout: Design it in a way to make it extremely user friendly.
  • Consistency: Specially the theme of the website has to be consistent to give an identity.
  • Animation: A display which attracts your target audience and not distracts them. Specially keep this in mind for all video-related imagery.
  • Sound: Concrete vocal or musical cues with options to put them off or lower them. You don’t want to loose on the eyeballs who are in office or other places.

Flash Web Design

Flash Web Design

Flash is a Macromedia product. It enchances the user experience by providing rich animations which can make your pages look very classy. Flash can be categorized in the following ways:

  • Flash Animation: Simple moving pictures to beautiful complex animations can be created with flash.
  • Flash Games: Small games to large ones, flash provides a very cool user interface alongwith a rich user experience.
  • Flash Videos: Flash videos are light and faster to load on the internet allowing a lot of flexibility. Even youtube uses them.
  • FLEX: This is latest in Flash development. Flex/Actionscript has opened doors to a whole new world of flash development.

HTML5/CSS3 Responsive Web Design

CSS Web Design

CSS Based Design:

Imagine being able to separate your content from your presentation. For the technically advanced, it makes the pages lighter and leaner. CSS based designs provide the flexibility of changing the content, without touching the presentation. The biggest advantage is that the content is accessible to all browsing devices from the computer to web enabled mobile devices. CSS based designs decrease your loading time and makes it more search engine friendly. Its immensely useful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes.